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XConf Europe 2022: Thoughtworks funds Ecocolmena to support programs that care for bees

We are proud to partner with Thoughtworks, which is a software consultancy company that cares about social change and how technology can make the world a better place.

We at Ecocolmena run regeneration projects in different habitats for bees and wild pollinators. In addition, we connect people with programs that help pollinators improve biodiversity.

Ecolmena and Thoughtworks partner to create a meaningful gift for XConf Europe 2022 attendees that has a positive impact on the environment and is measurable by the following indicators:

  • The care of 1 million bees distributed in 3 different ecosystems.
  • Regenerating 40 cubic meters of fertile land
  • 4 Tn (tons) / year of CO2 will be absorbed by 30 newly planted trees.

We invite all attendees to volunteer with Ecocolmena, as we need your talent in the ever-changing world of technology.

Thoughtworks funds Ecocolmena to support programs that care for bees, wild pollinators and their habitats.

Thoughtworks partner's with Ecocolmena before XConf

It’s amazing how events like XConf Europe 2022, whose objective is sharing knowledge and joining communities, look for options to be more sustainable, and we encourage you, your company or university to do the same.

Thanks a lot for your attendance and for helping us to create a better world.

What is XConf Europe 2022?

XConf is created by technologists, for technologists, who care deeply about the craft of software and its ability to make the world a better place.

Now in its ninth year, Thoughtworks XConf will be hosted across Germany, UK and Spain, in-person to connect with the local tech community and catch up on new tech trends.

Breakout sessions and networking will round out the event.

Tickets for Madrid are available here. Get yours today.

Location and venue:

Madrid: 1, July: La Casa Encendida, Ronda de Valencia 2, 28012 Madrid

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