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The 8 most expensive honeys in the world for their qualities

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We are going to review the list of the 8 most expensive honeys in the world that would leave any pocket trembling.

They are honeys from unique places and with endemic flowers that do not exist in other places.

Most expensive honeys in the world

Honey has always been used as food and medicine. But in some parts of the world, honey is undervalued. We tell you which are the 8 most expensive honeys in the world for their unique qualities and for which exorbitant prices are paid.

flowers and honey

Likewise, it is taken into account how bees work to produce honey and the physical place, such as honey from the Himalayas, considered a hallucinogenic honey that is harvested from many meters high.

These honeys acquire a higher price each time in a market where fraud is always present. See here

tablespoon of honey
The 8 most expensive honeys in the world

Like any other product, honey has very select and exclusive varieties that make its price available to a few. The story behind each honey also influences the final price of the product

The most expensive honeys in the world are types of honey that are made in a very specific way, in a very specific place, or that have unique properties.

1. Honey from Elvish, Turkey – 5,000 euros / kg

With a great difference between the most expensive honeys in the world is the Elvish variety, a honey that reaches 5,000 euros / kg. Its high price is due to the difficulty of obtaining it, since it is obtained in a cave 1,800 meters deep in the Turkish city of Artvin.

Mountains with honey beehives of Türkiye

The minerals found inside the cave give the product unique properties, which makes many consider it the best in the world. Its colour is golden and whoever has tried it says that its flavour is truly unmatched.

2. Honey from Life Mel Honey, Israel – 420 euros / kg

Life Mel Honey is an Israeli brand that produces honey highly valued for its therapeutic effects. The bees create this sweetener from plants such as Siberian ginseng, echinacea and uncaria tomentose, herbs that combine very well with other products of the hive such as royal jelly or propolis.

Life Mel Honey

The price reaches 420 euros per kilo and has a dark colour and an intense flavour. Several studies have been done with this honey to test its therapeutic properties and its health benefits.

3. Yemen Sidr Honey – 280 euros / kg

The honey that bees make in Yemen from the Sidr tree is considered one of the most expensive types of honey in the world due to its rarity. It is obtained in the Do’an Valley of this country, located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula.

Abeja sobre panal de miel

Honey that bees make in Yemen from the Sidr tree is considered one of the most expensive types of honey in the world due to its rarity. It is obtained in the Do’an Valley of this country, located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula.

Twice a year, Hadramaut beekeepers gather to venture into the rugged mountains of the area to obtain the prized honey from Sidr, a tree belonging to the genus Ziziphus, in an artisanal way and without chemicals.

Its way of collecting it and its healing properties, similar to those of manuka, not only make it one of the most expensive honeys in the world.

It also stands out for its high antioxidant levels and strengthens the immune system. Its price can reach 280 euros per kilo, it has a dark colour and a consistent texture.

4. Honey from Bashkiria, Russia – 120–200 euros / kg

Bashkiria or Bashkortostan is a Russian republic located between the Volga River and the Urals. In the summer months, the bees in the area extract nectar from the linden flower (how bees make honey), which results in the best honey to be found in the vast Russia.

Bashkiria Honey

It is a product with a highly appreciated and characteristic flavour that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

In Bashkortostan itself, Bashir honey can be found at around 50 euros per kilo, but if we go to Moscow the prices move in a range of between 120 and 200 euros per kilo.

5. Honey from the Opera Garnier in Paris, France – 120 euros / kg

The honey produced on the roof of the Opera Garnier in Paris is one of the best known and most admired cases of urban beekeeping on the planet, especially for the symbolic place where it takes place.

opera paris honey

For more than twenty years, while great lyrical and dance works have been performed on the boards of this mythical venue, on the roof the bees have been doing their work, resulting in a small production of 500 kilos a year.

It is a multiflora honey with a very light colour and a soft texture that is made from the flowers of beautiful Parisian gardens.

6. Honey from the island of Socotra, Yemen – 110 euros / kg

It comes from the island of Socotora or Socotra in Yemen. The native flora of this little paradise gives rise to a multiflora honey with a strange flavour that combines sweet and sour touches. Properties are recognized in the fight against diabetes. It is one of the rarest honeys and, therefore, also one of the most expensive honeys in the world.

jar of honey

The value of this type of honey caught the attention of the French, since in 2007 the French embassy in Yemen established a natural honey centre in the city of Hadiboh where around 500 kilos of honey are processed per year. Its price is around 110 euros per kilo.

7. Himalayan Honey, Nepal – 100 euros / kg

Himalayan honey is obtained in the steep mountains of this mountain range and, to obtain it, beekeepers have to suspend themselves from large ropes to reach hives that are located in the most remote places of the mountains. For a reason, they are known as the honey hunters.

Himalayan beekeeper

The Himalayan honey is a multi flora honey that is manufactured by a giant bee native to the region that is capable of pollinating 80% of the flowers in the area. This sweetener is also known to have hallucinogenic effects.

8. Manuka honey, New Zealand – 100 euros / kg

Bees produce this honey thanks to the nectar of the bush of the same name, the manuka (of the genus Leptospermum scoparium), which grows in the field like a wild plant. The oceanic Maori ethnic group discovered their properties thousands of years ago, and today it is exported with remarkable success.

Manuka  honey

The high price or not of manuka honey is given by the UMF factor (unique manuka factor) that indicates the antibacterial capacity of this product. All manuka honeys with UMF are guaranteed to be pure.

See more information about honey here

11 respuestas

  1. What an amazing article, I’m now turning to the tasting portion until my money runs dry!
    I never knew honey could have a range of taste & healing properties.
    I’m totally fascinated w/ these bees from different areas of the world & their hunger for different flowers!!

    1. Same here so fascinating!! My neighbour makes her own and I just had some since I’m sick and I found it gave a great nutty flavour to my tea (not like normal honeys) which led me googling different honeys and now ended up here lol. Hoping I’m successful enough in life to have a big fat wallet just for honey tasting. ☺️

    2. remember that movie where a cure for cancer was made in remote forrest where tha actor who played 007 was the lead character?? what a movie,i dont recall the name

  2. Very general terms !
    Mountain honey loaded with mineral is usually dark while citrus trees honey is light color .
    I acquired honey from the Kurdish mountains of Iran with dark color , thick , strong test ( four litres ) that I kept in perfect conditions for my own consumption for over 20 gears .
    Don’t talk about honey connected to syberian flowers where such flowers don’t grow .

    1. Seems to be a few factors, but doing your own research will help you justify how much to sell and buy to and from whom.

      1) The ability to prove the nutritional value and purity, which is achieved through local and International certification and testing.

      2) Accessibility – How much honey is ethically available affects the price

      3) The branding – if the consumers are interested in your brand and can pay for your product, they will.

      4) Research how to market your product. YouTube is a great place to start

    2. That part is covered very rarely…
      My company worked on it for almost four years… Later they were able to get a mixture of two honeys with 4% of two different colored crystals of Himalayan Salt.

      Now it’s sold for 2 euro for 10ml. Just 1 drop of it on tongue removes very old and constant coughs and eases chest troubles, sometimes digestive issues.

      It’s brand name is Halite Honey from Jabal Himalaya.

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