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NGO for social innovation in the protection of bees and pollinators

Abeja pecoreadora con polen en las patas sobre una flor
Bombus dahlbomii abejorro gigante austral en peligro de extinción

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Caring for bees and other pollinators is protecting the planet

We create and inspire experiences that help nature

At Ecocolmena we work to involve citizens, companies and governments in protecting bees and other pollinators, regenerating ecosystems and promoting the social economy.

All donations are appreciated and certified to benefit from tax breaks

You count. Your help is important

Comunicación - Sensibilización


With your donations we go further to generate passion for caring for pollinators

Donación apadrina una colmena

Sponsor a Beehive

We take care of the bees for you. Visit your mother hive, help the beekeeper and get a reward

Donación isla polinización

Pollination Island

Habitat recovery so that pollinators and plants return to degraded spaces


Apiary connected with everyone, with the cloud and with the future. A face-to-face and distance educational space

Donación apadrina un apiario de abejas

Business donation

Companies help us meet the goals of the SDGs and create new educational apiaries

Donación educación infantil


Our programs "Bees go to School" and "School children go to the apiary" need resources

All donations are appreciated and certified to benefit from tax breaks

Your achievements


Bees cared for annually


People who take care of bees

(since 2013)


New beekeepers trained

Passion for biodiversity

With you it is possible

Are you accompanying us on this adventure?

Unforgettable experiences with bees

Beekeeper for a Day

You will live an unforgettable experience in the apiary as a beekeeper, to know how bees live and why they are so important to us.

Face-to-face and online beekeeping courses

Beekeeping courses for bee keepers

With the experience of Ecocolmena, which has trained and inspired thousands of people in 26 countries.

We carry the buzz high and far

We generate millions of conversations and visits every week. Ecocolmena is the # 1 platform, in any language, in the world, inspiring conversations about pollinators, bees and beekeeping.

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The ApiAcuerdos of Ecocolmena help biodiversity

Donor companies

Companies seek to actively and voluntarily commit to the improvement of biodiversity. Generating the value most demanded by its customers, shareholders, partners or employees, which is none other than the substantial improvement of products and services, as well as the optimization of the quality of life and the care of the environment.

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Do you want us to help you take care of pollinators ?

As easy as  contact  with us by phone, WhatsApp or email. We will explain how to help the pollinators who take care of the Planet for everyone

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