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Donación de empresas para cuidar a las abejas

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Ecocolmena donor companies

Take action from CSR actions linked to the environment


  • Restore habitat and biodiversity in degraded areas
  • Provide bees with medicine and natural foods
  • Maintain healthy bee hives, without productive stress in shelters that allow research
  • Bringing people closer to bees so that protection commitments arise through knowledge
  • Give visibility to the ordinary life of bees through streaming on the Internet.
  • Provide a center for environmental education that favors the protection of bees and other pollinators.
  • Have a practical space for the continuous training of new beekeepers.

Companies seek to actively and voluntarily commit to the improvement of biodiversity. Generating the value most demanded by its customers, shareholders, partners or employees, which is none other than the substantial improvement of products and services, as well as the optimization of the quality of life and the care of the environment.

Compliance with the SDGs generates prestige, customer and supplier loyalty, sales increases, better financial support and more motivated workers.

At Ecocolmena we have a mission: To connect people and companies in the urgent work of nature conservation, with an orientation towards the generous peasant women, bees and wild pollinators.

The sponsorship will allow the development of projects in apiaries in which Ecocolmena cares for the bees and the biodiversity of the ecosystem in the apiaries chosen by the donor:

  • Guadalajara: Majanares Apiary, located in the almost uninhabited town of Escopete, in the Alcarria de Guadalajara, 1 hour from Madrid. Habitat recovery space, environmental education and research to improve the health of bees.
  • Barcelona: Apiary Dome Ecotourism, located on a hill in Mataró. Where environmental awareness and education activities are carried out.

We will plant trees on your behalf, we will offer a Webinar and a visit to the bees for your partners and collaborators; and we will give visibility to your environmental CSR campaign.

Let’s dialogue to align the CSR environmental mission of your company with our projects to protect the most valuable animal on the planet, the bee

With this sponsorship, financial support will be given to planting medicinal plants and food for bees, as well as the adaptation of an adequate space for the reception of schoolchildren, students and godmothers / godparents.


Ecocolmena apiaries need the following resources:

  • Trees, of native botanical species and staggered flowering, to restore habitats and create edible forests for bees.
  • Gardens with medicinal plants park the best pharmaceutical companies in the world (bees) find natural medicinal substances in their close environment.
  • Technology. Through hive health monitoring systems and transmission means so that bees can be observed from the cloud
  • Corporate volunteering because it takes many hands to restore biodiversity in damaged environments.


Each apiary requires continuous maintenance work, but, in addition, we want to create more spaces for bees, in places where the pollinator population is scarce.

  • Commitment of the company to the Ecocolmena project
  • Design of field activities financed by donations from companies
  • Execution of the project with the participation of corporate volunteers
  • Visibility and impact on social networks and the media of the activities and results of the project.