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Propolis. How to use this natural antibiotic?

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First, propolis is a common hive ingredient made by bees from resins. There are many ways to use it for different human pathologies with excellent results, some of them we will tell you here.

natural antibiotic propolis
Propolis, how to use this natural antibiotic

Propolis colors

The different colors are based on the original tree: quite green in Brazil, red in Cuba, brown in France, because it is harvested mainly on poplar and chestnut shoots.


55% resins
25% wax
10% essential and volatile oils
5% pollen
5% mineral and organic substances
It is rich in minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2,
B6, C and E and flavonoids
Composition of propolis
Its colour varies according to the plant origin, being able to be white, yellow, green,
brown or black.

natural propolis


More than 200 strains of germs are sensitive to propolis. An absolute contraindication is allergy to beehive products. Therefore, it is not recommended for children and pregnant women.


  • In case of cold or bronchial cough, propolis thins secretions and facilitates evacuation. It also sweeps viruses from the respiratory tract and stimulates the immune system. To take in liquid extract the time of the symptoms.
  • If you have a sore throat, opt for small pieces of raw propolis or gum (3 g / day, three times a day). Anti-inflammatory, relieves pain.
  • During a bacterial respiratory infection, for which an antibiotic is prescribed, the effectiveness of the drug increases.
  • She is cured for three weeks. «Two ampoules a day of extra propolis, with acacia or chestnut honey,» offers Dr. Guy Avril, generalist.

Oral lesions

Mouth ulcers, gingivitis or canker sores, or during a dental procedure, as well. «To prevent an abscess and limit inflammation, oral spray or propolis toothpaste is a good formula,» suggests Dr. Avril.

As indicated in the study» Evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of propolis-based toothpastes in oral pathogens «, the use of a toothpaste containing propolis for its eventual use as a therapeutic supplement in dentistry is justified, considering the pharmacological activities.

Food poisoning

A bulb of concentrated propolis (extra strong) and a capsule of activated charcoal for three or four days form a clean place.

propolis collection
Propolis made by worker bees

In case of cystitis

To treat a urinary tract infection, take one ampoule of concentrated propolis every morning for three weeks with two teaspoons of heather honey, also an antiseptic.

In burn

It is used in applications, mixed with honey and combined with an oral propolis cure to strengthen the immune system.

Propolis promotes, through its trace elements (silica and zinc in particular), the regeneration process of the various structures of the skin and creates, as in the hive, a barrier to bacteria that could colonize the wound.

wound healed with honey and propolis

The healing recipe based on propolis and honey:

100 g of lavender or thyme honey, an extra strong propolis bulb, we mix everything that we keep in a closed container in the refrigerator.

Ready to use: put on the wound a compress soaked in the mixture, a non-occlusive bandage that will be changed every 24 hours.

Healing stomach ulcers

There are several harmful agents for the stomach that cause ulceration of the mucosa, such as Helicobacter pylori infections, prolonged ingestion of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NAIDs), alcoholic beverages, psychological stress and smoking.

Investigations on the gastro protective effects of ethanolic propolis extract against ethanol-induced gastric ulcer in rats revealed that the administration of the extract prevented the appearance of gastric ulcers in a dose-dependent manner.

Improves the immune system

UNAM recommends a daily consumption of 20 to 30 drops of propolis in seven to eight sprays, or ingest one or two tablespoons of syrup and combine them with the eye drops.

«However, despite the fact that the effect of propolis on COVID-19 has not yet been studied, the extract can be used as a complementary treatment, increasing the dose from 40 to 60 drops, three times a day.»

propolis drops

In addition, propolis extract reduced lipid peroxidation, according to in vivo and in vitro experiments, and levels and removed superoxide anion.

Finally, the authors concluded that the gastric protective mechanism of ethanolic propolis extract is due, at least in part, to its ability to protect the gastric mucosa from oxidative stress. More information here

The latest research has also assessed that bee propolis have potential against mastitis





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