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Professor Jesús Manzano is a certified teacher. For this reason, it has trained more than 3,500 students from 26 countries in beekeeping and given face-to-face courses in Spain and Chile. He is, therefore, one of the beekeeping teachers who has trained the most people in the world.

It trains new beekeepers and professionals with hundreds or thousands of hives at the levels of initiation to organic beekeeping, advanced and queen rearing.

In the same way, every month dozens of students are trained in the international online beekeeping course

Founder, in 2013, of Ecocolmena . Also, inspiring beekeeping 3.0 bringing social innovation to thousands of beekeepers around the world. Equally important, he created the projects «Sponsor a Beehive» and «Beekeeper for a Day» .

Activist committed to the environment and social justice.

He is also a consultant for public organizations and companies, Judicial Expert in beekeeping. Teaching professor in beekeeping. Also mentor of new entrepreneurs in beekeeping. Social innovator. Also professional speaker at seminars and conferences. Writer of technical or informative articles.

University degree

Author of the Beekeeping manuals

Projects carried out by Jesús Manzano



It has also created, participated and supported NGOs in Spain such as:


Finally numerous articles published in newspapers, radio and television interviews that certainly make him a great connoisseur of the world of beekeeping.

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Jesús Manzano - Beekeeper and Environmental Activist

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