An online beekeeping course to fall in love with bees, taking care of their ecosystems and, if you wish, making products of differentiated quality.

According to our students in their evaluations , the online beekeeping course at Ecocolmena is (perhaps) the best. In short, for its quality, content and assistance from the teachers.

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Keys to the course

(1) The term of completion of the course is 122 days. Additionally, more days can be extended with a symbolic donation to the Ecocolmena Association.

(2) Certificate valid for grants such as EU Agro-environmental aid (improvement of Biodiversity PAC) or other regional ones.

Detailed information

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Subjects, activities and videos


Campus Manual

Course objectives

What are you going to learn

What materials will you take from the course

The teacher

Beekeeping project template

Webinar – How to be a beekeeper and take care of bees. (105 min.)

Video – Beekeeping, crafts and environmentalism (2 min.)

Biodiversity and Pollinators

  • Importance of bees and pollinators
  • Threats to bees and pollinators
  • Bee flora catalogs


  • Video – Botany and pollinators (40 min.)
  • Plants sources of food for bees
  • Flower morphology, pollen and nectar
  • Test – Questions about Botany
  • Pollination of plants
  • The bee, the best pollinator
  • Plants of beekeeping interest
  • Group discussion – Plants of beekeeping interest in your region
  • Test – let’s solve some common botanical mistakes
  • Self -Assessment – on Pollination

The bees

  • Who are the bees
  • Evolution of bees
  • Races (or subspecies) and lineages of bees

Behavior of bees

  • Bee facts and behaviors
  • Video – The dance of the bees (1 min.)

Bee biology

  • Bee anatomy
  • Bee genotypes, phenotypes, and castes
  • Reproduction cycle of bees
  • Video – Development of a worker bee (1 min.)
  • Test – about bees
  • Test – on the biology of bees
  • Self -assessment – module 2

Introduction – Products and services made by bees

  • Honey
    • Honey, characteristics and properties
    • Honey harvest
    • Video – Honey extraction (21 min.)
    • Honey packaging
    • Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
    • Ideal conditions for honey and analysis
    • Exercises – on honey
    • Video – Honey (39 min.)
    • Test – about honey
  • Wax and bee venom
    • Beeswax and its production
    • Bee venom and its production
    • Test – on wax
  • Pollen, royal jelly and propolis
    • Pollen, characteristics and their production
    • Videos – Pollen
    • Royal Jelly, characteristics and its production
    • Propolis, characteristics and its production
    • Test – on pollen, royal jelly and propolis
    • Exercise – What would the honey (or other bee products) you want to consume or sell look like?

History of beekeeping

Step of the bee

Test – about the history of beekeeping

Basic Beekeeper Equipment

Beehives (types of boxes)

  • Beehive
  • Video – Looking for a Queen in a Langstroth Box (2 min.)
  • Video – Langstroth Box Type (7 min.)
  • Video – Warrè box type (5 min.)
  • Video – Top Bar Hive Box Type (6 min.)
  • Video – Box Type Honeycomb Hives Fold Hives (6 min.)
  • Video – Flow Hive Box Type (8 min.)
  • Video – Beecosystem Box Type (3 min.)
  • Video – Type of box Cellar barrel (10 min.)
  • Test – Advantages of modern hives and the problems caused by them
  • Changing a bee colony between boxes of different frame sizes
  • Sanitation and cleaning of a hive box
  • Group discussion – What is, in your opinion, the type of box you want to work with?
  • Test – about the types of hive boxes

The apiary or apiary

  • The apiary or apiary, criteria and installation
  • Video – Where and how to locate the apiary (9 min.)
  • Video – Apiary, identification and security point (4 min.)

Beekeeper Jobs

  • Dynamic population of the colony
  • Video – Types of frames and uses of wax sheets (53 min.)
  • The size of the worker cells
  • Housel position – «Y» in the honeycomb
  • Video – Beekeeper Tools and Utensils
  • Beekeeper Activity Calendar
  • Artificial feeding
  • Video – Supplementary or therapeutic feeding (7 min.)
  • Mandatory operations and Control Sheet
  • Video – Smoker lighting and miticidal uses (5 min.)
  • Hive review
  • Union of two or more hives
  • Video – Union of two or more hives (12 min.)
  • Pillage
  • Video – Predator and pillage control (9 min.)
  • Video – Laying block (4 min.)
  • Group discussion – What is your opinion of transhumant beekeeping?

Directed reproduction

Professional playback methods

Video – Directed reproduction of hives (25 min.)

Self -assessment – on directed reproduction

Exercise – When can an orphan nucleus accumulate 1 kg of honey with worker bees born from the new queen?

Exercise – Breed or subspecies loss situations

Natural health and prophylaxis of bees

Bee Collapse Syndrome

Causes of death of bees that we can avoid

Predators and saboteurs


Video – Pathologies Part I (18 min.)

Video – Pathologies Part II – Varroosis (27 min.)

Varroa Guide

Video – EPIS, Protective equipment to prepare treatments (4 min.)

Video – Use of authorized treatments in Europe against Varroa (28 min.)

Video – Preparation of cardboard strips with oxalic acid and glycerin (8 min.)

Video – Complementary and natural treatments (31 min.)

Acaricidal essential oils

Construction of a Varroa testator

Group discussion – on pathologies

Test – Bee Pathology

Self -assessment – Complementary Treatments

Legislation on beekeeping activity by country

Legislation on the labeling of honey

Recommendations for hobbyist or amateur beekeepers

Organic Beekeeping Standards – Ecological

DEMETER. Biological and Biodynamic beekeeping standards

Group debate – on beekeeping legislation

Download the Manual of Beekeeping in Organic Production Systems – Ecological (600 pages)

Access to the Ecocolmena Campus Documentation Library (with more than 20 documents selected for advanced knowledge)

Access to Ecocolmena’s private video channel on YouTube

Movie More Than Honey

Quality assessment survey


Certificado de Estudios

Certificate approved in the EU

At the end of the online course you will have your study certificate, if you complete and pass the continuous assessment activities.

Descargar folleto Curso online iniciación de apicultura de Ecocolmena

Course brochure

Download all the information of the online course so that you understand the keys, the contents and the guarantee that Ecocolmena offers for your training.

Experience in training in organic beekeeping

More than 3,500 students
from 26 countries


Jesús Manzano - Profesor de apicultura

Jesus Manzano

Expert and Professor of Beekeeping

Founder of Ecocolmena
Social Innovation in Beekeeping

Qualified teaching professor. It has trained thousands of students from 26 countries in beekeeping. It resides between Spain and Chile.

Also, every month he trains dozens of beekeepers in the international online beekeeping course .

Founder, in 2013, of Ecocolmena . Driver of beekeeping 3.0 bringing social innovation to beekeeping and inspiring thousands of beekeepers around the world. Creator of the projects «Sponsor a Beehive» and «Beekeeper for a Day».

Activist committed to the environment and social justice.

Course manual

Manual de Apicultura de Jesús Manzano

Author of the Manual of Ecological Beekeeping in Ecological Production Systems (600 pages)

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