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Life cycle of honey bees

ciclo de vida de las abejas

The life cycle of honey bees is holometabolo. That is, individuals that undergo four different stages of life development: egg, larva, pupa, imago. The life cycle of honey bees goes through all stages, during the different stages they are cared for and fed by nurses who take turns keeping them safe. All people who want […]

bees wax honeycomb

funciones del panal de cera de abejas

The wax honeycomb of the bees inside the hive fulfills multiple functions, since it serves as a food container, a cradle for the young and also works as a thermal insulator in the different seasons of the year. Wax component Beeswax is composed of esters of C 24 – C 33 alcohols and C 18 […]

Lorenzo Langstroth and the most used hive in the world

Foto de Lorenzo Langstroth sentado, marcos de cera y colmena

On December 25, 1810, LL Langstroth was born. He invented the hive that beekeepers around the world operate today. Ecocolmena Lorenzo Langstroth is undoubtedly an icon in world beekeeping, for better or worse his hives are used all over the world and are recognized as one of the most famous hives. Nowadays, Honey bees have […]

Bee pollen contains resveratrol according to research


The Recognized Research Group (GIR) Separation Techniques and Applied Analysis (TESEA) of the University of Valladolid (UVA), in collaboration with the Marchamalo Regional Beekeeping Center. It is probably one of the most complete foods, since it contains the 22 essential amino acids, now it has also been discovered that bee pollen contains resveratrol. Researchers at […]

I want to be a beekeeper. What procedures should I carry out in Spain?

Before beginning to describe the steps to be taken to become a beekeeper, we must say that the current legislation differentiates between three types of beekeepers. Every year, many people start as a beekeeper. One of the most recurrent questions is what procedures should I carry out in beekeeping to start the activity. (This procedure […]

Honey heals wounds effectively and quickly.

heridas curadas con miel

Scientists say that honey cures have given very good results in research, doctors are working on a patch to help heal wounds, especially in people with diabetic foot wounds and burns. Healing wounds with honey patches Our grandmothers used it as food and also as medicine. They washed their wounds, those of their children and […]

The best properties of honey as food

potes de miel cruda

The best properties of honey as food and topical use, throughout the history of humanity man has had this nutritious elixir, easy to preserve and highly nutritious. En primer lugar, las mejores propiedades de la miel como alimento la hemos podido comprobar desde que dimos nuestros primeros pasos por la tierra. Posiblemente, sea el primer […]

Eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days

Ajo y miel

May your food be your medicine and your medicine your food. The aphorism that Hippocrates, father of Medicine, bequeathed 2,400 years ago. Eat garlic and honey on an empty stomach for 7 days and see what happens. Nature’s pharmacy Inside our house we have a large pharmacy with natural remedies that we often ignore. Many […]

Why is crystallized honey good?

Miel cristalizada

It’s probably winter, and the jar that once contained liquid, golden honey has suddenly changed and becomes hard or semi-solid. Here we tell you why crystallized is good. Although crystallized honey is good, it is often a cause for disgust, as the person feels that their jar has suddenly gone bad. However, this process is […]

15 benefits and virtues of honey from bees

miel en bresca

15 benefits , virtues and properties of honey. Scientific studies show promising hangover counteracting, hydrating, throat cooling and wound healing effects and superfood. It is a natural food created by bees. We tell you the 15 benefits, virtues and the best properties of honey for our health. 1. Natural sweetener Honey is the most natural […]