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A beekeeping course to fall in love with bees, taking care of their ecosystems and, if you wish, making products of differentiated quality.

Keys to the course

(1) Certificate valid for grants such as EU Agroenvironmental aid (Improvement of Biodiversity PAC)

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Certificado de Estudios

Certificate approved in the EU

At the end of the course you will have your study certificate, if you complete and pass the continuous assessment activities.

Descargar folleto Curso online iniciación de apicultura de Ecocolmena

Beekeeping online course brochure

Download all the information of the course so that you understand the keys, the contents and the guarantee that Ecocolmena offers for your training.


Manual de Apicultura de Jesús Manzano

Author of the Manual of Ecological Beekeeping in Ecological Production Systems (600 pages)

Qualified teaching professor. It has trained thousands of students from 26 countries in beekeeping. It resides between Spain and Chile.

Every month he trains dozens of beekeepers in the international online beekeeping course .

Founder, in 2013, of Ecocolmena . Driver of beekeeping 3.0 bringing social innovation to beekeeping and inspiring thousands of beekeepers around the world. Creator of the projects «Sponsor a Beehive» and «Beekeeper for a Day».

Activist committed to the environment and social justice.

Jesús Manzano - Profesor de apicultura

Jesus Manzano

Expert and Professor of Beekeeping

Founder of Ecocolmena
Social Innovation in Beekeeping

Advantages for employee training with the Ecocolmena Campus

Companies or associations

Training for employees or associates with the following benefits:

  • Personal reports on the students of the company or association: Time records, connections, communications, participation in surveys, messaging, chat, forums and videoconferences.
  • Complies with the regulations of FUNDAE (State Foundation for Employment Training in Spain) to provide subsidized training
  • It complies with the requirements of SENCE (National Training and Employment Service of Chile) for bonuses and subsidies for employment, youth and women
  • Registration of students through lists
  • Joint payment and invoice for the company

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