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Apitoxin, the bee venom that cures.


Su nombre es apitoxina de las abejas obreras, el veneno que ayuda o mitiga algunas patologías humanas inflamatorias. Las abejas Apis mellifera lo utilizan de forma defensiva Ecocolmena Múltiples investigaciones han comprobado que la apitoxina, el veneno de las abejas, Apis mellifera, ayuda a paliar diversas patologías y es efectivo en muchas dolencias humanas. Proveniente […]

10 things you can do to help bees

Here we suggest how you can do it from home or with your friends and improve the environment with small actions. 10 things you can do to help bees. 10 things you can do to help bees and take care of them. It is the best way to collaborate with ecosystems, of course, we also […]

The flowers that most attract pollinators

curso online de apicultura

You can have the flowers that most attract pollinators in your orchard and garden. Flowers evolved with shapes, colors and scent. In this way, they can attract pollinators so that they can reproduce more effectively. A symbiotic evolution that has benefited both Orchard and varied floral garden Plant small orchards where you can put a […]

Life cycle of honey bees

ciclo de vida de las abejas

The life cycle of honey bees is holometabolo. That is, individuals that undergo four different stages of life development: egg, larva, pupa, imago. The life cycle of honey bees goes through all stages, during the different stages they are cared for and fed by nurses who take turns keeping them safe. All people who want […]

bees wax honeycomb

funciones del panal de cera de abejas

The wax honeycomb of the bees inside the hive fulfills multiple functions, since it serves as a food container, a cradle for the young and also works as a thermal insulator in the different seasons of the year. Wax component Beeswax is composed of esters of C 24 – C 33 alcohols and C 18 […]

Lorenzo Langstroth and the most used hive in the world

Foto de Lorenzo Langstroth sentado, marcos de cera y colmena

On December 25, 1810, LL Langstroth was born. He invented the hive that beekeepers around the world operate today. Ecocolmena Lorenzo Langstroth is undoubtedly an icon in world beekeeping, for better or worse his hives are used all over the world and are recognized as one of the most famous hives. Nowadays, Honey bees have […]

Bee pollen contains resveratrol according to research


The Recognized Research Group (GIR) Separation Techniques and Applied Analysis (TESEA) of the University of Valladolid (UVA), in collaboration with the Marchamalo Regional Beekeeping Center. It is probably one of the most complete foods, since it contains the 22 essential amino acids, now it has also been discovered that bee pollen contains resveratrol. Researchers at […]

How does a bee see. The visual apparatus

ojo de abeja

The bee adapts its vision based on its flight, the darkness of the hive or the search for food. Three additional primitive eyes help you know the solar time. How does a bee see. The visual apparatus of bees is one of the most sophisticated senses and without a doubt, a great ally of forages […]

I want to be a beekeeper. What procedures should I carry out in Spain?

Before beginning to describe the steps to be taken to become a beekeeper, we must say that the current legislation differentiates between three types of beekeepers. Every year, many people start as a beekeeper. One of the most recurrent questions is what procedures should I carry out in beekeeping to start the activity. (This procedure […]

30 plants that wild bees love and pollinators

colmenas y flores

RoseBee, investigated and created 30 plants that love bees and wild pollinators. Aims to quantify the degree of attraction that honey bees and wild bees have for certain flowers. The 30 plants that bees love and pollinators is very good information to take into account when creating gardens. In the meantime, we leave you here […]