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Bee pollen contains resveratrol according to research


The Recognized Research Group (GIR) Separation Techniques and Applied Analysis (TESEA) of the University of Valladolid (UVA), in collaboration with the Marchamalo Regional Beekeeping Center. It is probably one of the most complete foods, since it contains the 22 essential amino acids, now it has also been discovered that bee pollen contains resveratrol. Researchers at […]

I want to be a beekeeper. What procedures should I carry out in Spain?

Before beginning to describe the steps to be taken to become a beekeeper, we must say that the current legislation differentiates between three types of beekeepers. Every year, many people start as a beekeeper. One of the most recurrent questions is what procedures should I carry out in beekeeping to start the activity. (This procedure […]

30 plants that wild bees love and pollinators

colmenas y flores

RoseBee, investigated and created 30 plants that love bees and wild pollinators. Aims to quantify the degree of attraction that honey bees and wild bees have for certain flowers. The 30 plants that bees love and pollinators is very good information to take into account when creating gardens. In the meantime, we leave you here […]

Propolis. How to use this natural antibiotic?


First, propolis is a common hive ingredient made by bees from resins. There are many ways to use it for different human pathologies with excellent results, some of them we will tell you here. Propolis colors The different colors are based on the original tree: quite green in Brazil, red in Cuba, brown in France, […]

Don drone honeybee, the male of the hive

zangano con aparato reproductor

Drone honeybee, but not lazy. The male of the hive. Its presence is synonymous with reproduction, fertilization, stability, abundance and continuity. That, until the climate changes, food is scarce, and they are violently expelled… Ecocolmena Although it is usually linked to laziness and laziness, the truth is that Don zángano, the male of the hive, […]

Benefits and properties of Apis mellifera honey

miel envasada

We know you like it, we tell you about the benefits and properties of Apis mellifera honey. Since humans first tasted it, they have taken advantage of its great nutritional and medicinal value. The benefits and properties of Apis mellifera honey for human health have been known since ancient times. Both in topical use and […]

Types of actual cells that are in the hive

celdas reales

Types of real cells that are in the hive throughout the campaign. It should not be a concern if you learn to identify them. Ecocolmena The actual cell types that are in the hive depends on multiple factors. Climatic conditions, food, treatments, pathologies, physical damage to the queen, beekeeper mismanagement, hive homeostasis, deficiency for the […]

Breathe the air of the hive

Inhalación del aire de las colmenas

Breathe the air from the hive to help minimize asthma and reduce respiratory allergies in a complementary way. Scientific research is still lacking to reinforce its value, and some people already have it available. Bees bring multiple products of nature to the hive, plus those that they produce from their own body, it is said […]

Top 10 mistakes a novice beekeeper makes

Observando un panal de abejas

The 10 mistakes a novice beekeeper makes always provide an opportunity to learn and correct and learn to identify them. When we start in beekeeping, we have to learn alone, making mistakes that sometimes cost us the loss of the hives, I wish we always had someone to advise us while we learn. We tell […]