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30 plants that wild bees love and pollinators

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RoseBee, investigated and created 30 plants that love bees and wild pollinators. Aims to quantify the degree of attraction that honey bees and wild bees have for certain flowers.

The 30 plants that bees love and pollinators is very good information to take into account when creating gardens. In the meantime, we leave you here the list, so you can learn to identify them.

plants that love bees
TOP 30 plants that bees love

Ranking of the 30 plants that most attract bees

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The conclusions

The main finding is that the flowers are not equally attractive to bees, even when focusing on suitable for bees, and the variation is significant based on the flowering coincidence of various plants.

Healthy plants with more flowers attract more bees: The old gardener’s adage of the right plant for the right place is important, not only for a sustainable garden, but also in the direct impact on the pollinators that each plant can feed.

plants that love bees

Native flowering

Generally native and non-native plants are equally attractive to bees and except where some specific bees and plants have an interdependence.

Likewise, most bees do not care about the origin of the plant, as long as the structure of the flower allows them to reach the nectar or pollen.

Finally, It is important to provide a range of different flowers to attract both honey bees and wild bees and limit adverse competition in times of bee scarcity. See other plants here.

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Plants that love bees
Echium vulgare plant, one of the favorites

Full report here:

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