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15 benefits and virtues of honey from bees

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15 benefits , virtues and properties of honey. Scientific studies show promising hangover counteracting, hydrating, throat cooling and wound healing effects and superfood.

It is a natural food created by bees. We tell you the 15 benefits, virtues and the best properties of honey for our health.

Honey pot with stick
15 benefits and virtues of honey

1. Natural sweetener

Honey is the most natural sweetener you can find. You’ve certainly heard of people who put honey in tea instead of refined sugar or substitute sugar for honey in cooking and the enormous price that some honeys can have.

2. Helps release insulin

Honey helps release insulin, which in turn stimulates tryptophan. Remember that tryptophan is a compound that makes us sleepy. If you have difficulty sleeping, have a glass of warm milk with honey before going to bed. The heat released by the hot milk will increase the effect of the tryptophan.


3. Soothe a sore throat

Add to this mixture the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Gargle with this home remedy to soothe your sore throat.

4. Calm the cough

Honey can be as effective as some syrups and products distributed to calm a cough. Honey creates a thin protective layer and coats the throat, better preventing irritation caused by coughing . Take two teaspoons before bed to calm a cough.

5. Studies

They suggest that honey could be one of the most effective carbohydrates before a workout. Unlike other types of sweetening agents, honey is easily digested and then released into the metabolism at a slower and more regular rate.

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6. Prevents bacteria growth

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey inhibit bacterial growth. The next time you have a minor cut, scratch, or burn , wash the wound well with soap and water. Also, try putting some honey on the injured area to prevent infection before covering it with a bandage.

7. Hydrates the skin and hair

Another health benefit: Honey is an excellent conditioner for skin and hair. It is used especially in masks because it helps to absorb and retain water.

Mix honey with olive oil for a natural shampoo. Also try it on as a hydrating mask and lip treatment.

8. Important warning

Children under one year of age should not consume honey. Several scientific studies have shown that it can cause infant botulism.

9. Against bad cholesterol

According to a study in Dubai, honey is good for cholesterol. As part of this scientific research, subjects who consumed 250 ml of water with 75 ml of natural honey for 15 days saw their «bad» cholesterol level decrease and their «good» cholesterol level increase.

If you have cholesterol problems, be sure to consult a healthcare professional who will help you better manage this condition.

10. To better fight acne

The antibacterial properties can help counteract acne inflammation, according to Joey Green, author of Joey Green’s Magic Health Remedies . Mix 1 part honey and 1 part nutmeg and let the mixture sit on the button for 20 minutes before rinsing.

14 jars of different virtues honeys

11. To help control blood sugar levels

Powdered honey would increase and maintain blood sugar levels more effectively than sucrose and maltodextrin, according to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition .

Significant carbohydrate and protein intake after exercise can lead to hypoglycemia in some people. Consuming honey can help counteract hypoglycemia by rebalancing too low blood sugar.

12. To better fight dandruff

Researchers have observed other virtues of honey, this time in patients with dermatitis and who fight against dandruff. Due to its antifungal and moisturizing properties, honey would have helped these subjects better prevent dandruff problems.

Dilute the honey in a little hot water (avoid water that is too hot which could irritate the skin) and gently massage the leather hair for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing.

Bees and nectar Virtues honey

13. In the bathroom and in the shower

With honey, you can hydrate your skin while attacking the bacteria that cause acne and body odor and take advantage of all the virtues and benefits of honey.

Mix two tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of olive oil and use this solution in the shower or bath. You can also add essential oils , such as almond or lavender oil.

To make it a homemade scrub, add half a cup of brown sugar to this mixture. Remember that honey is very durable. Make sure not to add water to honey or this mixture as it can accelerate the growth of bacteria if you don’t use it on the spot.

14. Strengthen your immune system

In a study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, honey would have prevented the growth of tumors in mice.

Antioxidants also helped your immune system better fight colds and flu.

However, more scientific studies are needed to better understand the mechanisms and beneficial effects of honey, which helps prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system in humans.

15. The virtues of a complete food

Virtues of honey are evident, it provides antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin C. Darker honeys are richer in antioxidants than light honeys.

If you have to limit your daily sugar intake and consume honey in reasonable amounts, try sweetening yogurts and homemade desserts with honey instead of sugar.











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  1. Traditionally, honey is used in the treatment of eye diseases, bronchial asthma, throat infections, tuberculosis, thirst, hiccups, fatigue, dizziness, hepatitis, constipation, worm infestation, piles, eczema, healing of ulcers, and wounds and used as a nutritious supplement.

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